New Book Captures History of London’s Live Music Venues.

By: Big Wave PR

We’re very excited that our Creative Director, Carl Allen, will be celebrating the launch of his first book.

Live music venues are essential to London’s culture

‘London Gig Venues’ is being launched on 15 April and provides an encyclopaedic insight into London’s live music venues. The UK has produced some of the most original, exciting and influential bands. Most artists have cut their teeth in one of the iconic music venues that crisscross the capital. In this book, author and photographer, Carl Allen, explores every nook and cranny of London’s vast network of live venues. These include grand old Victorian music halls to backstreet boozers with barely enough room to swing a mic stand. Along the way he unearths some hidden gems, highlighting those venues that have achieved a mythical status.

Author of London Gig Venues, Carl Allen, says: “Live music venues are essential to London’s culture and economy, without them London would lose its position as the capital of the music world. Live music venues have a fascinating history – both before and after their live music hey days. However, the survival of current venues is a hot topic as battles over saving Soho are being fought in the street and in Council chambers.”

London’s Gig Venues is illustrated with colour and black and white photography. This is a complete history of live music venues in London from the 1930s to the present day. Each entry includes  information on how to get there, key background information, live recordings, noteworthy gigs, infamous incidents and a history of the building. This book is a must for all music lovers living in or visiting London.

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London Gig Venues is published by Amberley and is priced at £16.99. To find out more, visit To purchase a copy

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