Employee Engagement: have you cracked internal communication?

By: BW-Hilary

Over the past few years employee engagement has become the ‘buzz’ word on boardroom tables. Organisations have started to think long and hard about how they can encourage their employees to be more productive, entrepreneurial and loyal. Of course, for companies that develop the right environment for employee engagement to thrive, they’re looking at vast improvements to their bottom line.

Boost your employee engagement with great internal communications

What is the holy grail of employee engagement?

We’ve partnered with a team of award-winning employee research consultants. Together we can create bespoke staff surveys for our clients to understand the thoughts and minds of their employees. The research uncovers the areas an organisation is good at, as well as areas that need improvement.

One of the main blockers for achieving high levels of employee engagement is poor internal communication. Hilary Collins, Director, Big Wave PR, explains: “Many organisations invest in their company’s mission and strategic goals, they’ll also set-up an intranet and a staff newsletter. However, it’s shocking how many times employees feel left out and don’t know what’s going on in their organisation.”

She continued: “Many companies rely on middle managers to share important information with their teams. This can be a challenge for senior management to ensure managers are disseminating information clearly.”

Internal Communication Works

Internal communication is a vital component of an organisation’s activity. Sadly, many companies feel that they’ve ticked the internal communication box by running a monthly newsletter, popping up a noticeboard and launching an intranet. However, if their employees are not engaging in the communications then the conversation between employer and employee becomes very one-sided!

At Big Wave PR we can provide a communications audit to help you discover what is and what’s not working in your organisation. We create action plans to move your organisation forward and develop strategic communication systems that work. For example: if you rely on middle managers to share business updates, we can create communication tools to ensure staff stay on message, such as video material, or infographics and blogs on your intranet. We can also work alongside your PR team to give fresh ideas, insight and know-how to develop your existing communication channels.

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