Music PR: Top ten lockdown tunes

By: BW-Hilary

Strange times means we need music to soothe, inspire, and transport ourselves to another time and space. Our music PR team at Big Wave PR has been busy working from home during the pandemic and whilst they’ve been creating copy, undertaking media interviews, design and digital media campaigns, they have also been listening to their favourite tunes.

The top ten lockdown tracks!

So, to brighten up your lockdown, the music pr team has compiled an uplifting playlist to see you through the crisis.

  1. James, ‘Tomorrow’. We all need to have some optimism and this song is a great lift; it’s also ideal for getting yourself fired up for a meeting on Zoom.
  2. Pet Shop Boys, ‘Home and Dry’. We love the synth beat duo of Neil and Chris, and this is the best reminder that home really is the best and safest place to be.
  3. The Goon Sax, ‘Home Haircuts’. We’re all struggling with our locks during lockdown and Carl, our creative director, is now sporting a ‘man bun’. Time for a home haircut Carl!
  4. Crowded House, ‘Locked out’. It’s a bit of a rocker from the thoughtful Kiwis, and it’s one of our copywriter’s favourites.
  5. Queen, ‘Bicycle Race’. Our MD lives out in the wilds, but from her window can see lots of people taking up cycling and adventuring into the great outdoors. The glorious weather we’ve all been enjoying makes us all want to pump up our tyres and get out on the track too!
  6. Frank Turner, ‘Mittens’. A great song and it reminds us of much happier times, when we had a team outing to see Frank play a fundraiser for the Nick Alexander Memorial Trust at Colchester Arts Centre.
  7. Taylor Swift, ‘Paper Rings’. If you’re homeschooling as well as doing the 9-5, you’ll understand how great this track is at keeping the kids happy!
  8. Tracey Thorn, ‘Queen’. Now this is a grower and it’s all about possibilities which is what we’re all about!
  9. Sparks, ‘Edith Piaf (Said It Better Than Me)’. The Mael brothers have been making music for 50 years and their constant creativity and influence on current music inspires us.
  10. Jenny and Johnny, ‘Big Wave’. Now this gets us up and pumping in the office. Former Rilo Kiley frontwoman Jenny Lewis, is our kind of star! She has her own style and writes great songs; but there again we would say that, after she wrote about a big wave!

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