You need PR! The power of PR…

By: BW-Hilary

Thinking about PR? Read our interesting blog by our MD, Hilary Collins, on how PR gives you power! But, first up, what really is PR?


The power of PR: clothes flying off shelves and sales through the roof!

You need PR!

Definition by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations: Public Relations is the discipline which looks after reputation, with the aim of earning understanding and support and influencing opinion and behaviour. It is the planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain goodwill and mutual understanding between an organisation and its publics.

It’s ironic isn’t it, a marketing body that does very little to sell PR! This definition hardly speaks of the power of PR, such as ‘clothes flying off shelves thanks to celebrity endorsement’, or ‘donations to a charity go through the roof thanks to latest media appeal’.

So, what could PR do for you?

  1. ‘I saw you in the paper!’ PR is great at building awareness, spreading the word and creating a buzz around your brand or products. Many people turn to PR when they feel that ‘nobody knows we exist’, or ‘we keep being left off pitch/tenders, although we know we’re better than the competition’. A strategic public relations campaign can help you cut-through, highlight your USPs, build your provenance in your sector and shine! Which in turn will equal increased exposure, a top-class reputation and uplift in sales!


  1. PR is not only great at securing new business, it’s also great at helping your workforce feel happy and proud that they work for you! Keeping top talent is key for all businesses and PR can be crucial. Remember how your team feels when your company is shortlisted for an award, how good it is to get everyone together to celebrate your successes at an awards evening! But, it’s not all about the good times, it’s also about keeping everyone onboard 24-7. Ensuring your internal communications are tip top and your culture enables staff members to hear strategic news is essential.


  1. PR is also about bringing your brand to life. Why do people buy Coca Cola over a supermarket brand? Why do we all use Google, when Yahoo would suffice? Within the marketing mix, branding is the number one go to for creating a standout visual identity. However, the brand does not stand just on its logo, it is put together on a set of brand values and these values best come to life and are understood by customers thanks to PR. We’re the storytellers, we’re the ‘placement artistes’, we know who you should be hanging around with and who to avoid! Once a brand ‘comes to life’ it resonates with its customer base and builds truth and loyalty: vital components for a successful business.


  1. Many of our clients come to us with a shopping list of PR requirements: blogs, awards, event management, media relations, websites, email marketing, social media, newsletters, photography, advertising etc. Of course we can do the ad hoc and the one-off blog etc, but public relations really comes into its own when it’s part of an overarching on-going communications campaign, strategically aligned to your business goals. To discuss your bespoke needs, call Hilary on 01206 231807.

Need PR?

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