We need travel and craft PR! We offer a wide range of knitting, crochet and stitching holidays led by a series of well-known experts from the craft world. We would like to expand awareness of our tours, which head-off to traditional places such as the Shetlands and Faroe Islands plus far-flung destinations such as India and Japan.


A full craft PR and travel PR campaign was created. A regular flow of press releases were issued to launch all new season holidays and keep Stitchtopia front-of-mind with the crafting community. A series of expert features were also arranged with the media to gain further profile pieces on the experts and their tours. Press trips were set-up with target media to gain in-depth features.


The travel and craft PR campaign kept Stitchtopia in the national travel media and knitting and craft magazines. Highlights included: major review in Daily Express for knitting tour to Iceland, five-page feature on tour to Norway’s knitting cruise to the Northern Lights in Knitting magazine, monthly new tour updated in craft titles, plus knitting holiday to Faroe Islands listed in Top 100 holidays in the Sunday Times.

“The editorial coverage gained by Big Wave PR far outweighs the cost of equivalent advertising, not only did the PR give us greater awareness in our target marketplace it also helped to get the phones ringing.”

If you need craft PR, please contact us.

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