3foot People Festival


We need festival PR! The 3foot People Festival attracts over 14,000 little and big people over three days to the scenic grounds of Hylands Estate, Chelmsford. The festival is a tented arena of playful activities and amusements ready to inspire and entertain.


Connections were made with major retailers to the pre-school marketplace to gain further support for the festival.

A festival PR campaign was set-up to drive maximum interest about the festival in the lead-up to tickets going on sale. Information on the festival was drip-fed up to the event to sustain interest and desire. Press passes were offered to top parenting bloggers and press.


Corporate support was secured with a number of major players in the pre-school marketplace, such as Playmobil, and healthy snack company, Bear.

3foot People Festival was previewed in The Guardian, parenting magazines and blogs, plus a wide range of regional media.

Tickets sold out in just 24 hours! Additional tickets were put on sale and these sold out within hours.

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“Big Wave PR built the festival’s profile to a wider corporate market and professionalised our relationships. They also ensured the event sold out by gaining coverage in all media outlets. We would recommend them for festival PR!”

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