Riverside Ice and Leisure Centre & Sports Centres


We need health and fitness PR! Chelmsford City Council offers a wide range of sports facilities to the residents of and visitors to Chelmsford, including Riverside Ice and Leisure Centre. Riverside was looking to raise awareness of their fitness programmes, facilities and services and needed a strong PR campaign to spread the word.


A media relations campaign was set-up to support all centres and activities and launch all new programmes. Highlights of the health and fitness PR campaign included ice skating lessons with journalists to show that ice skating is fun and a great exercise for young and old. Small group personal training sessions with the media to show how you can improve fitness and wellbeing as well as developing your muscles to improve your golf technique.

Sustained PR support of new Get In! courses for young city residents to takepart in holiday camps, skills clinics and fun sessions.


The health and fitness PR campaign gained nearly 100 cuttings within just four months.

The press coverage helps to cost effectively build awareness and spread word of mouth, which has really helped generate more bookings for events, programmes and training courses.

Get In! activities have gone from strength-to-strength and are now being expanded.

“Thanks to the PR support from Big Wave PR we’ve really been able to spread the word about our new programmes and facilities without spending a fortune on advertising!”

Riverside Ice and Leisure

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