We need home PR! We’re the nation’s top oven cleaner. We’re stocked by leading homeware retailer and catalogue, Lakeland. We want to build our brand and reputation to increase sales and develop trade and consumer sales.


A media relations campaign was devised to push OvenMate to the fore with key trade customers and to push sales to the consumer.

A relationship was forged with high-end oven manufacturer, SMEG, to gain product testing in the hope of endorsing OvenMate’s super cleaning powers.

To further underpin its credentials a partnership was set-up between OvenMate and celebrity chef, Jean-Christophe Novelli. The chef endorsed the product and used the product in his professional kitchens, he also supported a full media campaign to the trade and hospitality industry.

A social campaign was set-up encouraging trial of OvenMate products. A wall of shame was created to find the nation’s dirtiest oven. Each picture enabled the Facebook user to receive a free sample of OvenMate.


The media campaign hit all target outlets and gained excellent product reviews.

The oven cleaner was also endorsed by high-end oven manufacturer, SMEG, and thanks to further endorsement by celebrity chef, Jean Christophe-Novelli, helped open lots of new doors in the hospitality and trade sectors.

Trial of OvenMate soared and over 500 samples were distributed thanks to the Facebook campaign.

“We didn’t have a big advertising budget, unlike other players in our industry, but thanks to a well-executed home PR and marketing campaign, Big Wave PR managed to deliver on our goals.”


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