Chelmsford City Council


We’re a not for profit and need PR! We have a number of assets at Chelmsford City Council and we want to maximise our income so that the Council can continue to invest in the future growth and quality of life in the City. We want to invest in a PR campaign that will help raise awareness about our venues, events, services and facilities to increase income as well as ensuring that a wide cross section of the community are able to participate in our various services and offerings.


A creative not for profit PR strategy was created to develop a number of ‘sub-brands’ to re-position Chelmsford City Council’s offer.

An on-going media relations campaign was developed to promote all events and services, such as The Fling Festival, theatre events, ice skating lessons, Get in! Holiday clubs, pre-natal classes etc.

A very focused campaign was set-up to develop Hylands House as a premier wedding and business conference venue. Stunning photography was taken to showcase the venue in a different light, a launch event was set-up to showcase its facilities to the business community, a series of wedding case studies and images.


Booking for weddings doubled with a further 69 booked in for the following year and a further 34 for the year after. Previously no weddings were booked a year in advance.

In the first four months of campaign each ‘sub-brand’ gained at least 100 cuttings, including in depth features in Essex Life, regular items on BBC Essex and events listings in a wide range of regional media.

Tickets for the 3foot People Festival sold out in just 48 hours.

Campaign won a CIPR PRide GOLD award.

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“Whether it’s been boosting sales of weddings, filling more seats at the theatres, or encouraging a more diverse range of citizens to participate in activities, Big Wave PR has helped us boost our income and get people to think differently about what we offer.”

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Boosted income generation

Bookings for weddings doubled

Tickets sold out in just 48 hours

Campaign won a CIPR PRide GOLD Award