Las Iguanas


We need restaurant PR! We’re about to launch our new restaurant at intu Lakeside (Essex) and want to spread the Latin vibe!


A launch party was set-up to attract 850 influential people who liked to talk to spread word of mouth. A troupe of salsa dancers and a Latin American band were hired to deliver the Latin vibe. Chefs created a special tasting menu, and a mixologist offered cocktail making sessions for all.

Big Wave PR also managed the invitation list, distribution and door.

A series of restaurant reviews were also set-up with atmospheric photography to bring the Latin spirit alive.


Party-goers queued round the block to be the first to experience the Latin vibe. In all over 850 people enjoyed the party, which was also enjoyed by local celebrities too. The restaurant gained rave reviews and word quickly spread to ensure Las Iguanas became one of the most popular restaurants.

The chain has now opened a further two restaurants in the region, Freeport Braintree and Bond Street, Chelmsford, with Big Wave PR managing all restaurant PR and launch parties.

If you need restaurant PR, please contact us.

“Big Wave PR always go the extra mile and we can always depend on them to do an excellent job. All of our launch parties have had a great vibe and helped us create excellent word of mouth. We thoroughly recommend Big Wave PR for your restaurant PR needs.”

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Getting the party started and staying the course

Over 850 turned up to join the party!

The opening of the restaurant received rave reviews and helped secure Las Iguanas as one of the most popular restaurants in the area.

The opening was such a success we worked with the chain to launch multiple restaurants in the region.