I want to teach the world how to look after their mental health! Mark Newey is a leading psychotherapist and author and has been transforming lives for 20 years. He’s desperate to share his life-changing programme and teach people how to thrive.

Mark and his business partner had created an app to teach everyone how to look after their mental wellbeing – long before the effects of the pandemic had taken hold. By offering his teachings online it enables far more people to benefit from his programme at a fraction of a cost of 1-2-1 counselling. He just needed to boost his profile and launch his online programme.


Covid-19 had hit the UK and levels of mental ill health were at an all time high, whilst the NHS was struggling. To support the nation and to help kickstart activity, Mark prepared a basic wellbeing plan for everyone to access free-of-charge. A press launch followed and within days Mark was being quoted in newspaper and magazines across the UK as ‘the nation’s mental wellness coach’, interviews on BBC and commercial radio stations followed. The mini launch had been a great success, now we needed to keep his profile high and develop plans to launch the app to a consumer and B2B audience.

Thanks to media liaison and a regular flow of press releases on key topics, Mark’s profile has kept high, which has helped push his brand to a consumer audience. For the B2B sector a raft of communications has pushed traffic to the website. Direct mail, social media posts and press releases and bylined features have all helped bring Mark’s brand to life and build on his narrative of how he wants to teach the world how to look after their mental health.


Within 12 months, and on a modest budget, Mark had been interviewed on over 20 radio stations.

Gained 100 press cuttings.

Provided 15 articles in the influential B2B media.


“I can’t thank the team at Big Wave PR enough for the support they have provided. The amount of coverage we’ve received has been phenomenal!”

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Sustained media presence

Press coverage in The Telegraph, Closer Magazine and top blogs!

Major articles in the top HR media.

Website received spikes in traffic thanks to media coverage.