Civic Theatre


We need theatre PR! The Civic Theatre and Cramphorn Studio in Chelmsford, Essex, offers a wide range of theatre, music, dance and film plus a very successful panto. The in-house team were struggling with time pressures and needed to seek an external PR agency to boost awareness of its events.


Press Office was set-up to manage all press enquiries and issue press releases.

A full theatre PR campaign was devised to ensure all listings and events were published in all target media outlets. Features were sold into arts and what’s on media to boost sales and awareness of key shows. Special VIP media events were staged to give press the opportunity to experience the theatre and live acts to encourage previews and reviews.


Editorial coverage hit all target areas from The Guardian to the Essex Chronicle. The campaign achieved sustained coverage and an improved relationship between the press and the theatre.

Targeted coverage on specific performances really helped to achieve incremental ticket sales and target specific genres.

“It’s been so much more effective outsourcing our press function, as so much of this activity is extremely time consuming and often other priorities make it difficult for us to maximise the editorial opportunities. We now achieve regular listings in the key publications and online portals.”

If you need theatre PR, please contact us.

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