We’re a leading B2B and lifestyle PR agency with great connections across a wide range of industries. Our contacts within the business and lifestyle media are also impressive that’s why we’ve won GOLD at the CIPR’s Pride Awards four years in a row.

Travel and Events

We’re becoming a nation that loves experience more than possessions. We know, we helped create the marketplace. Our experience in this sector is vast, from specialist tour holidays, festivals and fan club conventions to weddings, hotels and theatrical events.  Our multi award-winning service in this sector ensures we get bums on seats and create desire for your next tour or event.

‘The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page’

Food and Drink

The nation’s tastes have changed at a phenomenal rate and our cookery skills aren’t far behind! From pub chains to start-up restaurants our team has helped companies both large and small experience exponential growth. Whether you’re looking for experiential events, launches, media relations or community buzz, we have the contacts, experience and creativity to ensure you stand out in a crowded marketplace.

‘Nothing brings people together like good food and drink’

Property and Interiors

Our love for our homes has become big business. Our work spans the residential and interior marketplaces, creating head-turning PR campaigns that drive traffic to your business. We understand the homes and property landscape and know how to build the buzz to boost your bottom line.

‘Happy home happy life’

Health and Beauty

The desire for the body beautiful will never wane, and with everyone living longer, the health and beauty industry is booming. Our team has vast experience in this sector from launching new beauty products to discussing key health issues. We understand the marketplace and have a proven track record at creating eye-catching results.

‘Just have fun. Smile. And keep putting on lipstick’


The third sector provides a vital role in today’s society. Our work spans local government, charities and the voluntary sector. We know how to engage with an audience to create game changing moments that drive maximum results for your PR campaign.

‘No one has ever become poorer by giving’