‘With a big wave behind you the possibilities are endless’. When you have a well-planned PR and marketing campaign you start to build momentum in your business. When you have Big Wave PR behind you you’ll know you’re on a roll…

PR and Marketing Strategy

Does your PR and marketing strategy help you build awareness and win new business? Our team of expert PR consultants can create award-winning PR campaigns that not only spread awareness but also impact on your bottom line too.

Media Relations

The ‘bread and butter’ of a PR campaign: media relations. Our copywriters create punchy newsworthy copy that grabs headlines and gets your message across. We’ve also got great connections with the media, from trade mags to consumer, broadcast, national and regional newspapers and online channels.

Internal Communication

Your employees are your biggest asset, but do you have an internal communications plan in place? We can assist with staff surveys, employee engagement, creating employee blogs, newsletters, videos…

Content Creation

Content is king! We can create sharp engaging copy that gets over your key messages clearly and succinctly. When you think you’ve got nothing to say, we search out interesting angles to ensure you maximum engagement and exposure at all times.

Social media
Email campaigns
Website copy


An engaging picture can say a thousand words. Our in-house photographer takes shots that capture the spirit of an event and creates stunning content for newspapers and magazines, websites, blogs and social media outlets.

Event Management and Experiential Events

Our event management team has won awards for their organisational skill and creative flair. Whether you’re looking for a product launch, gala ball or experiential event our team of experts will create an engaging experience that gets noticed, remembered and people talking.


There’s nothing like winning an award to showcase your skills and success. We’ve drafted award-winning applications for businesses in all sectors – we’re also adept at getting your award success in the press too!

Corporate and Social Responsibility

Corporate and social responsibility (CSR) is a vital function for all organisations in the twenty first century. We work with organisations to create strategic CSR plans that are embedded in your company’s values and culture.

Crisis Management

When it ‘hits the fan’ where do you turn? We work with organisations to pre-empt issues from occurring, and if they do, create a crisis management strategy and media and customer relations plan to minimise brand damage.

Communications Audit/Design

Does your corporate literature, website, intranet, blog, sales devices convey your brand? Or do they look tired and outdated? We can offer a fresh pair of eyes and give you a professional consultation. We also work with a team of excellent designers to transform your communications literature.


First impressions count and you only have a few seconds to engage a potential customer on your website. Remember your website is a modern-day shopfront; make sure your website connects with your customer base and clearly gets your USP.

We work with a team of excellent designers and programmers to create websites that not only look beautiful but help boost your bottom line too.