Supporting the Royal British Legion on Remembrance Day.

By: Big Wave PR

We’re always proud to support the Royal British Legion, but working on a campaign for D Day veterans to return to the Normandy beaches is one close to all of our hearts. We’re delighted that the Treasury has decided to continue funding these tours in 2016. So this Remembrance Day we are putting out an appeal for you to help us.

Over 300 people have benefited from tours of remembrance to the Normandy beaches

Do you know a veteran of D Day? Remembrance Travel, the travel arm of the Royal British Legion, is calling upon the nation to spread word about free government funded tours for all Normandy veterans to return to the beaches in 2016. If your friend, grandfather, uncle etc took part in the Normandy landings we need you to help spread the word.

This year alone, over 300 people have benefited from tours of remembrance to the Normandy beaches. The trips are being financed by the fines paid by the banks involved in the Libor rate fixing scandal and the Treasury has pledged to fund further trips to Normandy in the spring and autumn of 2016.

The tours are arranged in full by Remembrance Travel to give veterans the opportunity to return to areas of personal significance. Remembrance Travel will also be offering group travel opportunities for Normandy Veteran Associations.

Each tour will be accompanied by a medic and a guide from the Royal British Legion but in order to provide additional support and assistance if needed, a carer and a close relative of each veteran can also travel free of charge.

The five-day tours will depart from London and will include a ferry crossing from Calais to Dover, accommodation, visits to Pegasus Bridge, Juno, Sword, Gold beaches, Bayeaux Cathedral and war cemetery, plus visits to personally specified cemeteries too.

The Rt. Hon George Osborne, The Chancellor of the Exchequer, said: “It is only right that all D-Day veterans have the chance to travel to Normandy, where they so bravely fought for our freedom. I’m delighted that we’ve been able to use £1m of Libor funds for this purpose, using fines from those who have demonstrated the worst kind of values is being used to support those who have demonstrated the very best of British values.”

Nichola Rowlands-Smith, Remembrance Travel, adds: “This year we organised six group tours to Normandy for D-Day veterans and they have proved to be very moving for all those involved. It has been wonderful to offer these brave veterans of war a chance to revisit the battlefield and to share their experiences with friends and family.”

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Normandy veterans wishing to participate in a tour should apply via Remembrance Travel’s website, or telephone Remembrance Travel’s tour operator, Arena Travel on 01473 660800. A friend or relative can apply on their behalf.

Remembrance Travel organises a series of journeys of remembrance to World War I and World War II sites. They also offer bespoke group tours to veterans, groups of friends and societies/clubs.

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